Practicing Your Stand-Up Comedy Routine On Stage

There are many opportunities to practice your stand-up comedy on stage. This article discusses several of the ways and places to hone your stand-up comedy skills.

Showcase Clubs

These are unpaid, but they have space for you to get stage time. Showcase clubs will generally have a lineup of 10 plus comics each night, whereas traditional clubs only have three. Ensure your growth and improvement as a comedian by getting yourself a regular spot at one of these clubs. You will be able to perform consistently and see rapid improvement.

Pick a club to be your hangout

As mentioned earlier, building relationships with the people who work at clubs gives you an advantage. Find a club to make your regular hangout, and get to know the staff. This will show your dedication and get your more stage time. It is a tough road, but stick it out and everyone will know that you are serious about your career.

Clean Routines

To really hone your skills and improve your comedy, consider using clean routines so that you are not just getting shock from foul language that shatters the assumption of society’s morals. Plus, you will never be able to use foul language on network television. Now, you are probably thinking about comedians such as Eddie Murphy who use foul material, but he and many others got their start on Saturday Night Live. Eddie also got a lot of his stage time in movies where he had to act as well as be funny. You will also find that clubs are more likely to book clean comedians; most actually insist that your material is clean.

Be Considerate of Time

The clubs you find will have time restraints. Beginners often make the mistake of going over time and creating a bad reputation for themselves. The club wants the whole show to end on time, so be considerate and respect the time restraints.

Put Your Own Show Together

Offer to arrange a comedy night at a restaurant or bar that has a P.A. system and microphone. You may have to do a little work convincing the manager of the establishment that it will help bring in more business and not cost them anything. And, to pull off your own show you will most likely have to do all the organizing on your own and pay for the advertising on your own, but you will have a great place to perform. There is always the option to find other beginning comedians to get in on it with you. You can then share the responsibilities and the cost.

Take some time to discuss what you are doing with the owners and see if they will let you build a small stage. Having a small stage gives the comedian a psychological advantage. Being level with the crowd can make being funny difficult.

One way to ensure you have an audience at your show is to have the other comics bring the audience with them. Have their amount of time on stage be determined by how many people they put in the audience, and if they don’t have any they don’t get to perform. This is a very popular technique being used in comedy clubs right now.

What If There Are No Comedy Movies?

Comedy movies are those movies with the intent – to make you laugh your lungs out. Comedy movies largely focus on humour through exaggeration, dramatic irony, character flaws, sarcasm etc. I don’t know why I am spelling all these out, but I guess it’s because we easily get carried away by the entertainment in comedy movies that we rarely ask ‘what constitutes such dramatic awesomeness?’ Anyway, that is not the concern here; my concern, or no, my worry is, what if there are no comedy movies at all?

I can tell you for free that the movie industry would be less fun, and less attractive. With horror movies determined to scare us out of our own bodies, sci-fi movies sworn to play pranks on our collective intellectual pride, romantic movies committed to tingling our emotional diversities, action movies stirring our physical alertness and promoting violence, and finally, fantastic movies flashing the Greek gift before our eyes; the absence of comedy movies to create some balance would be detrimental.

Didn’t somebody say that laughter boosts health? That the more you laugh the higher your chances of having beautiful children – my own thinking. But seriously, comedy does more for us than just to spur laughter. It helps you ease away, it is an escape from the troubles in this life (especially the ones in Nigeria), it is, not alcohol. Without comedy, we’ll be too serious for nothing; you think your boss hardly smiles? Wait till there is no form of comedy.

Because of the foundation that ancient and modern comedies have set, online creations such as Facebook and Twitter are fun places to spend time on. Almost everybody have become comedians on these platforms or in the very least supporters and sharers of funny content. Those who are yet to join the bandwagon are apparently leading boring lifestyles or are just on social media because they learnt that modernity demands it. Pathetic. Comedy movies have created a pathway that many now follow just for the fun of it.

Finally, if there are no comedy movies the world would become really boring and harder than it is. The sun would have no cause to smile when it is rising in the east and absolutely no darn reason to set in the west, the north might just be its destination.

What If Nigeria Wins the World Cup?

I know you are finding it difficult to believe this, so am I. In fact, when this thought started dancing in my head I started laughing it too scorn but to my dismay it didn’t move an inch away. So here it is. Nigeria reminds me of the team I love so dearly, Arsenal, no matter how much effort we put in, we never clinch the title (Premier League and Champions League). And just as I cannot divorce Arsenal I can’t divorce Nigeria… but wait… I think I can. Hmmmm…

Anyway, if Nigeria wins the World Cup all social media platforms will not remain the same. Nigerians do know how to blow their trumpet when everything seems to be going well but when bad things happen they keep quiet and sob in the privacy of their homes, only those who really love the country would spend their precious time trying to analyze the pathetic situation. Jobless folks, if you ask me.

If Nigeria wins the World Cup, people won’t really give a damn about the fact that our African Nations Cup dreams were recently dashed by… I’ve even forgotten their name; not many expected it but I did with our history of mediocrity. People will also forget the fact that there are a thousand and one problems currently facing the country – which will continue to face the country. One success would dampen the effects of many a problem.

Further, I am pretty sure that soon after the World Cup lands in Nigeria we’d hear that it has gone missing. Did I forget to mention that Nigerians are won’t for bringing out the worst in the best? My bad. Something just has to go wrong, and I think this would be it. And then, after a back and forth between FIFA and Nigerian Football Federation (NFF), a fine would be set as punishment.

Following that, the FIFA would then issue a statement that the fine is $10,000 meanwhile NFF would claim otherwise. As a Nigerian reading this, who do you think is telling a lie? – The NFF, of course. Money just has to be embezzled one way or the other, it is their birthright. The only right we have as spectators is to watch from a distance how this pans out.

Perhaps then it wouldn’t be a good idea for Nigeria to win the World Cup. Do agree with me.

Till next time, think weird, laugh and be happy!